Code to process, document data and analyse data from the Renewable Energy and the Smart Grid (GREEN Grid) project.

The Renewable Energy and the Smart Grid (NZ GREEN Grid) project’s Household Electricity Demand Study data includes:

This data has been cleaned and anonymised using the code in this R package to produce the ‘safe’ dataset available from the UK Data Service. None of the data is held in the R package so none of the code here will work unless you also have access to the data.

Accessing the data

The data is archived as:

You will need to register for a (free) UK Data Service account before you can download the data. Staff at UK universities should be able to use their institutional login to do so. Users from outside the UK will need to use a specific form to request a UK Data Service user id. Once registered & logged in you should be able to download the data.

Please document any errors, problems or queries by raising a github issue and we will try to respond.

Terms of Use

This is not open access data. It is licensed as Safeguarded data under the UK Data Archive End User Licence conditions. You will need to agree to these T&Cs before downloading the data.

We also encourage you to log your (intended) data usage via This is not a requirement of re-use but it helps us to justify both continuing to improve the data and also releasing future datasets.

Version 1 - September 2018

Version 1 of the data archive includes:


NB: Version 1 of the data package does not include any time-use diary data.

Known Problems

Accessing and using the R code

The GREEN Grid Data R Package can be forked, cloned or installed as an R package. Amongst other things it contains the following folders:

We encourage feedback and contributions but inevitably #YMMV.

We also encourage you to log your (intended) data usage via

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